Located in Umhlanga, South Africa this gorgeous glass-wall home was designed to center around family, entertaining friends, outdoors, and Eco-friendly living.

With views like these you can see why normal walls would just not do.

Outdoor landscaping complete with vertical garden walls.
Such cute kids!

What to do with all that openness?

Texture, texture, and more texture.

Layering textures keeps the room intimate without distracting from the soaring height of the room. Adding room curtains at the height of a normal ceiling gives a sense of placement to the bed and makes for a cozy feel.

Designer’s Note: the neutral color palette is perfect for this space. Adding a punch of color would have taken away from the stunning vertical.

Simple and Luxurious.

The addition of the curtains behind the tub is casually elegant and keeps this space from feeling empty.

Designer’s Note: If you  have a room that is feeling a little bland or needing a touch of warmth … see where you can hang a textile vertically. A easy way to bring coziness without the big cost.

A dual work and dining space opens into the kitchen.
Adjacent doors open to the terrace ~ a wonderful backdrop for family meals and dreaded homework time.

And lastly the Star of this Home: the Living Room

A showcase of texture, color and light this room has a lived in feel with a touch of elegance. The perfect balance for a busy family with a flair for entertaining.

Your geography lesson for today …

Umhlanga is a residential, commercial and resort town north of Durban on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Thanks Wikipedia!

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