Our office is all over the place. This month we’ll have been in Illinois (of course), Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Iowa.

Every project we see the evolution of plans to a fully occupied building. I thought it would be interesting to share a small slice of that evolution with you.

Focusing on our project for senior housing in Waterloo, Iowa.

We start out with a site that looks like this:

Jump forward and we have prep for the foundation and the elevator shaft going in.

This step always seems to happen so fast. The crane arrives and the next thing you know, your foundation is now supporting a structure.

Framing is my personal favorite. The rooms become tangible and the interior spaces take shape.

A view down the corridor.

The view from the second floor looking up into the 3rd floor and roof.

We take pictures and document things like this:

And along the way we go from in progress …

to fully framed, wrapped, and siding beginning to go on.

The canopy taking shape.

And the exterior’s framed skeleton and structure …

… becomes a building.

As architects I don’t know if there is a greater pleasure than watching the plans we’ve agonized over come to life.

~ Kelly