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Dark Chocolate Fruit Hearts


Another Lori approved recipe, this time from her Valentine's Day archive.

She'd like to remind everyone, it is NOT too late to make a homemade treat. So get to your kitchen and get busy.

Sweet, adorable, and healthy bite size hearts. Skip the box of chocolate candies, and indulge in these heart shaped fruits dipped in dark chocolate.





1 bar of dark chocolate of choice

Small Heart Cookie Cutter, I used a 1/2 cutter from a kit from William Sonoma


Cut 1/4-inch slices of banana and using small heart cookie cutter cut heart shapes out of banana slice or strawberry slice.

Once you have cut the hearts out - place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

While the fruit is in the freezer, melt chocolate in the microwave or double broiler.

Remove fruit from freezer and dip fruit hearts in chocolate using a fork.

Tap the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate and then place on wax paper.

Repeat until all your banana slices or strawberry slices are covered in chocolate.

Indulge! And don't forget to save some for your Valentine!

~ Kelly

Image & Content Credit for Lori's approved recipe from Multiply Delicious