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Happy Thanksgiving to our clients, our friends, and our families.

Image: Norman Rockwell's "Home for Thanksgiving"


And a special thanks to those that have and are currently serving our country and protecting the freedom we celebrate on this holiday.

To you and yours, we wish you every blessing this Thanksgiving.

~ Kelly



Inspiration Weekly ~ Capri Blue

Artchings Interior Image, Amity Imports Pillow, Untitled, & Adam Lloyd Blue Ink 2


A splash or a dash makes this bright and cheerful blue the star of your room.

Try adding a throw, a pillow, or a piece of art in this daring hue.
Definitely a accent color only as too much of this blue could have a elementary result rather than sophisticated.

DIY Idea: Paint vintage frames in Carpi Blue and frame black and white photos with a chunky white mat. A little sophisticated drama with a touch of surprise.

Carpi Blue's Coordinating colors: Chamomile & Shagreen with stainless steel and white accents makes a great pairing.

Wishing you a inspired weekend!

~ Kelly