578504_10200900564662151_176442079_n This week Ron had the opportunity to go to Springfield to lobby for issues that affect architects.

We all appreciate the time and effort of the AIA Illinois Architects who went to lobby for some important issues that affect specifically Architects, but ultimately everyone.  Thanks again!



Above: Ron with Sen. Dave Syverson


Below: A group pic from the AIA Illinois website.  I haven’t found Ron in this one yet, but I have found at least one other Rockford area Architect!


The following are a Brief synopsis of 3 Bills discussed with legislature.

Accessibility Standards Update (HB 1462/ Rep. Sente)
With the adoption of the 2010 ADA Standards it has become
increasingly difficult to decipher what is necessary under the
Illinois Accessibility Code. Under HB 1462 the state must begin
aligning the Illinois Accessibility Code with the 2010 ADA
Standards. Professionals will be able to refer to one code when
making necessary designs. It is time to encourage Illinois to
update the Illinois Accessibility Code for easy, one stop
Status: This bill has passed the House State Government
Committee without opposition.

Testing Blackout (SB 1792/Sen. Martinez, HB 1344/Rep.
The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
(NCARB) testing service will be down for 8 to 12 weeks this
summer. Interns with a bachelor’s degree only have till January
1, 2014 to complete their testing requirements.
SB1792/HB1344 extends the time in which architectural interns
may complete the exam. Providing for our future architects is
an important role in keeping the profession competitive.
Status: These bills have passed House and Senate
Committees unanimously.

Historic Building Credit (SB 336/ Sen. Manar,
HB122/ Rep. Harris)
This credit will encourage private investment in historic
properties. Urban, suburban, rural communities and the State
of Illinois will benefit from the jobs and economic development.
The bill allows credit up to $3 million per project on state
income taxes equal to 20% of the qualified cost of the project.
The state is expected to return $7 for every $1 invested, in
income and sales tax dollars.
Status: These bills are assigned to Revenue Committee.


While Ron was at the Capital, he took some time to appreciate some great architecture.  Below are some pictures he took while there. Enjoy!

IMAG0113 IMAG0114 IMAG0115(2) IMAG0116(2)